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"Your name is very valuable, you got it from your Dad, maybe it was all he had to give. But it's yours to keep and cherish for as long as you shall live. 

You may lose the things he gave you, they can always be replaced. But a black mark on your name son can never be erased. 

So guard it very closely because when all is said and done, you'll be glad your name is spotless when you give it to your son." -Lou Holtz


Grabau Roofing, Inc started in 2000 to serve a loyal group of friends, family, business owners, homeowners, property managers and commercial builders in Boulder County. The same values that served our close friends and acquaintances over 20 years ago now drives our growth as a company. We believe that returning phone calls, showing up on time, performing the work at the price we quoted, and completing the work we said we would complete, always matters in the roofing business. These values built our reputation and continue to satisfy our customers and even third-party services. For example, we maintain a BBB Gold star rating in the roofing industry.


As we grow we continue to apply our values of satisfaction and loyalty to every aspect of our business.  We extend them to our employees, our new clients, our repeat customers, and charitable causes.  Our values manifest themselves in many ways: loyalty to our customers means telling them the truth – all the time.  Loyalty to our employees means being part of their lives, creating opportunities for them to excel within the company and coming alongside them in times of need.  Loyalty to even our own values is the most important – our name is our brand.  


We believe long-term relationships are the most important part of our business, and we will never value a quick profit from a single project over the value a long term relationship that includes many satisfactory projects and a profitable partnership over time.

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