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Core Values

  1. Presence: We show up and are attentive to our customers and each other. We run toward the bullets.

    • We make eye contact

    • We don’t interrupt

    • We show respect for the other person and their ideas

    • We never show impatience.

  2. Situational Awareness: In our business we encounter all kinds of opportunities and challenges. Each one of those is faced with determination and a solution oriented mindset.

    • We focus on making sure we thoroughly understand the problem.

    • We consider multiple alternatives to solve the problem.

    • We pick the solution that has the least risk and greatest reward.

    • We will overcome all unseen obstacles as they occur.

  3. Loyalty: We believe the best in all our relationships and count on others to complete their responsibilities. We are devoted to creating a great work environment and delivering an excellent product to our customers.

    • We know building “relationship equity” is the foundation for everything we do.

    • We will follow thru with our commitments just as we expect others to follow thru theirs

    • We are willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

    • We create great relationships by “going first” to build them.

  4. Servant Leadership: Servant leaders go first and model the actions and attitudes that are foundational to the success of the organization

    • We will lead by example.

    • We will not ask others to do things we are not willing to do ourselves.

    • We will always demonstrate empathy and understanding.

    • We will take the time to demonstrate and teach others to improve.

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